Man Charged in Illinois for attacking a women

Matthew Grover, 31, attacks women in Prairie Path. On Monday, Matthew approach the women on the Illinois Prairie Path in Unincorporated Wheaton, he tried grabbing her. The Women fought him off and ran off, The Police found Matthew and was a suspect. He confessed and later said he did something like this to someone else. Police found out he had three other incidents where Matthew stalked or approach women in the neighborhood. Matthew was charged with one felony count of aggravated batter and one felony count of unlawful restraint. The other incidents are going under investigation by their local police. They described Matthew, as a white male with dark hair, or black hair, 20-30 years old, with a medium muscular build, unshaven face. This incident happen around 3:30 P.M, when Grover grabbed her. The women ran towards an access path toward Church chill Road and Peter Road. Grover is currently held in custody by the Police, he is going to appear on court on Wednesday. He might get three other felony’s for aggravated battery with the three different women he stalked, also they are going to charge him for stalking the women, so he is going to get harassment felony on him, Wednesday morning.

Family & Culture

My family mostly comes from Texas or Mexico, every Saturday we go to my aunt’s and uncle’s house to make sure everything is okay. The kids and teenagers go to the basement or to the living room, while the adults go to the garage or go to the living room to play pool. we have a big family. In July we go to California or Florida to spend time with each other and just relax. On my birthday, my cousins and I go to six flags if it’s a nice day, or we go to the Shedd Aquarium. My grandparents visit us every other year and stay with my aunt and uncle for a couple months then head back home to Mexico. My whole family speaks Spanish but the younger generations speak Spanish and English. Image result for clip art  family treeImage result for mexican flag

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I made a dog with the Playdoh because I have always loved dogs, and I have a dog. I’ve always been more of the dog person since I was little, I had many dogs through out my life. A couple times I’ve saved a dog from being lost, or even getting injured. The dogs that my family adopts are rescued dogs, I personally like them because you can help them and teach them what love is. My family has adopted two Pit bulls when I was little, most people said that those are dangers animals, but if you really get to know them, they are kind, gentle, playful dogs. Currently I have a little dog, her name is Sammi and we got her five years ago. She was seven months when we got her, she likes my mom more than anybody because my mom is always home and gives her a lot of treats. My cousin Valeria has another small, she names him Jr. because she thought it was a cute name. Her dog and my dog get along pretty well, but since his only 6 months, whenever my dog barks he runs away in terror. When My cousin Emi and I were little we had made the right enough of money to get a pit bull, we got him and named him Rex, the reason the playdoh dog name is rex, Rex was a good pit bull but we couldn’t really take care of him, so he’s with my unlce right now in Chicago, Emi and I still visit Rex on weekends.

Social Issues

In recent discussions of having exotic animals in captivity a controversial issue has been whether

keeping exocitc animals in captivity and breeding them or having exotic animals in the wild to be themselves

On the one hand, some argue that keeping exotic animals and putting them in breeding programs is a good resolution since we’re restoring the population.

From this perspective, the exotic animals restore their population and they aren’t endanger anymore.

On the other hand, however, others argue that animals in captivity act weird, they get depression, and due to being in a inclosure they have to take many medicines. In the words of one of this views

main supporters, “The caged Eagle became a metaphor for all forms of isolation, the ultimate in imprisonment. A zoo is a prison. ” (Gordimer 1).

According to this view, people who are against the animals in zoo, they think they are in a prison because they are behind bars all day long. The animals have time on when they eat, they sometimes just walk around in circles not knowing what to do because they are behind bars and not where they should be. In sum, then, the issue is whether

animals stay in captivity and restore their population

or animals are in the wild where they belong and be who they should be.

My own view is that animals should be in the wild and let the animals restore their own population rather than forcing to breed. Though

I concede that animals should be in the wild and live free without being in a cage or taking many medicines, I rather have animals in the wild then in captivity, I still

maintain that animals should restore their population and breeding programs do sound good to do that.

For example,the tigers, they have breeding programs and they help restore the population and cubs make tigers happy..

Although some might object that animals should be in captivity for education reasons too,

I reply that it’s better that the animals are in the wild and they can do what an animal should do on a daily basis. .

The issue is important because most animals in captivity stay there for a long which gives them depression or other illness, can lead to that animals dying off, animals should be able to breed when they are ready and don’t do it by force, animals could attack the zoo keepers because they’ve been there for years.

Do you agree/disagree that we should let animals stay in captivity? Why or why not? Do you agree/disagree that we should force animals to breed to restore their population? Why or why not?


I looked at Euthanasia and saw that most people support this. They only support it if the victim had a terrible illness or they are close to dying, they also want them to test the patient psychologically to see if they are ready to go with thee procedure. In Chicago 83% of the people agreed with the procedure. The 17% didn’t want the procedure done, one opinion says that the patient should have access to life support if needed. Other opinions, is that the patient should have the choice to say yes or no, it’s their life and they should have the decision. Euthanasia, is the choice of the patient if they want to take a shot to die a peaceful way. The people who oppose this, say that the family members should be making the choice for them just in case if they are unstable. My opinion on this topic, that I don’t oppose to the topic,  I think if the patient is in a lot of pain and knows it’s their time to go, then they should take the shot. It shouldn’t be the family choice, it should always go to the patient, and see what they want to do from there.